Tamper Evident Packaging

We offer a range of square, round and rectangular tamper evident / tamperproof containers and lids which are fully leakproof, microwaveable and freezable. Manufactured using the process of injection moulding from food grade polypropylene, meaning they are widely recyclable. We offer our containers in various sizes, from as small as 120ml up to 4 litres.

Tamper evident containers are suitable to store liquids, dried foods, and semi-dry foods. They can also be used to transport and store ice cream, desserts, yogurts, and many other food items. Tamper evident containers are not only limited to food uses, often used for uses such as medical products, bird seed, fishing baits etc.

No special technique is required to make our containers tamper proof, simply press the correct lid firmly into place on top of the container. Once these steps are completed, the containers are now tamper evident, making them leakproof, sealed and air-tight.

Our tamper evident containers are manufactured with seal tabs with 'OPEN' on them, making it visible to see whether the container has been tampered with. Once the tab has been broken, the lids can still be refitted onto the container to maintain the freshness.

We also offer bespoke custom printing for a range of our tamper evident containers*. Full details can be found within product descriptions for containers that are able to be custom printed.

*Minimum quantities apply.


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